Harvests and Other Events

Note: All harvests will require the use of masks, gloves, and physical distance. Additionally, there will likely be no access to restrooms during any harvests. If any of this is a concern for you, feel free to send us an email.

This calendar is updated by Friday of each week for the following week's harvest events- check back for more each week!

There are no harvests currently available for signup. If you have heard of a harvest through email, Facebook or your neighbor, but you do not see it listed here, it means that the roster is closed.


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Year Pounds of food that would otherwise have gone to waste
2021 91,066
2020 312,947
2019 229,095
2018 231,377
2017 279,830
2016 243,312
2015 209,093
2014 205,176
2013 217,623
2012 99,165
2011 37,988
2010 22,000