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No gleans this week due to rain in the forecast. Please check back next week!

Before signing up for an event, please be sure that you and each person signing up has registered previously on the Volunteers page. If you have already registered as a volunteer you do not have to do so again. Each adult must sign up separately for events. To sign up for an event, click on the 'Sign up for this event' button. Once you sign up, you will receive a confirmation letter with the exact address and detailed information about the event. If the roster is full, your name will be added to a waiting list and you will receive an email if anyone ahead of you cancels their spot.

Move the mouse over harvests on the calendar to see details and a sign up link below the calendar. Green harvests have roster openings left; yellow harvests have a waiting list. If you are using a smart phone you may have to scroll the top half of the page to see everything.


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Friday, Jan 27
10:00 AM
Total volunteers
Number on
Number on
waiting list
10 10 0  
This is a lemon glean at a private residence in Arroyo Grande. Adults and teens only, please. See our safety guidelines and age policy here.
Getting there: You will see the harvest address after signing up.


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Year Pounds of food that would otherwise have gone to waste
2023 2,364
2022 301,304
2021 315,335
2020 312,947
2019 229,095
2018 231,377
2017 279,830
2016 243,312
2015 209,093
2014 205,176
2013 217,623
2012 99,165
2011 37,988
2010 22,000