Ways to get involved...

Become a Gleaner


The easiest way to get involved! Register as a volunteer and then sign up for an event on our Harvests page. Gleans are seasonal, available all over SLO county, and last about 2 hours. Gleaners are the hands and heart of our efforts to rescue nature’s bounty for the benefit of our community!

Harvest Leader

As a Harvest Leader, you will be trained and equipped to lead small groups of volunteers to harvest excess produce from homes in your area. Harvest Leaders drop off produce to a nearby food pantry, keeping the fruit as local as possible. Harvest Leaders may also co-lead farm gleans. It's up to each Harvest Leader to determine how frequently you would like to lead gleans. Harvest Leader Training occurs quarterly. GleanSLO T-shirt, equipment, harvest manual and additional supplies will be provided for each Harvest Leader. To learn more, contact GleanSLO staff at gleanslo@slofoodbank.org.

Farmers’ Market Collection Leader

Want to get to know your local farmers AND help feed the hungry? Every week GleanSLO collects leftover produce from the SLO Thursday Night and the Templeton Saturday Farmers’ Markets. Our Collection Leaders engage with farmers, orchestrate volunteers and keep track of poundage and donation receipts. To learn more, contact program staff at gleanslo@slofoodbank.org.

Returning volunteers
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